my novel

hello.. today is Sunday. i have done my agric report! and im going to finish this book. hurm.. i admit that i am really slow in reading novel compared to my roommates. guess what, my roommate can finish about 200 pages in only 2 days! moreover,... i have so much things to do! i am so buzy! really2 buzy!! buzzzz buzzz buzzz buzy. koh koh koh. i love making different types of laughing. it shows my vary happiness... 
this book, it gives me heartbeats. hehe. i dont know i love romantic story or not. bcuz... when it came to real life... i cannot fit myself into it. i guess. oh ya! tomorrow is holiday since selangor win the game!!! so i can finish my biology notes i guess.... hehe. im so happy.  okay bye! 

by the way..... i love this book since the first tym i read the synopsis. hiihi. how about you guys? do you love reading this book's synopsis?


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