Redha and keep calm and move on

i know how it felt when someone bring you down. i do  understand.. i used to feel it when i was in form 5. i have quite bad result for spm's trial examination bcuz i couldnt move on and keep on hating him (i hate him because i love him so much that i would do everything for him). hurm!! i know he dont love me... i cried after i prayed and asked Allah to get rid my feeling towards him and pray for his happiness and success. i know.. it hard. really hard. but Allah have a better plan for me. i just keep strong and do my best for spm. i want to prove  i am not weak! i want to show him that he should not do me like that... he should not.

this year, i guess he come back in my life. but i will not trust him anymore. arysa dont have any clue in her life. she just simply do better cuz she know it is the best revenge.

so guys.... i just want to tell you all that we should keep on moving forward in our life.. there r so many ways to recover the bleeding heart.. which one of it them by reading Al quran.. since i have been here in upm with coolest roommates, they practice reading the Al quran everyday after done their maghrib prayer and recite doa . i guess thts all.

here are some links.. relate to my topic now. i mean more on tips of recovery from any heart break or pressure of studying.. maybe? . hekhek. i hope we can keep strong in facing our packed, hectic life in uni together my beloved friends..

wait up! one more tips is make beautiful mistakes or memories with our friends... <3 <3 <3


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