the best movie in the world

hi. last holiday, my roommates and i watched maze runner! i love that movie!! hehe. but... we were kinda retarded bcuz... we watch maze runner 2 and then reverse to maze runner 1. lolll. at first i have no idea about this movie. but it since i love adventure and the movie also gave me high curiosity, i keep on watching while sometimes screaming out loud since the movie gave us some unexpected reflex by the character.

the first film opens with Thomas, he is a boy who wakes up in an ascending elevator. he's so dam frantic, and soon realize why. Thomas has no idea where or even who he is. he's greeted by a gathering of fellow teenage boys who share the same affliction. the story is a fun and thrilling ride, as the 'rules' of the world continue to be challenged by newcomer Thomas. the boys live within the 'Glade', a spread out field that lies within the center of a deadly maze that tower over them. at night, the walls of the maze close. this ritual protects the boys from dangerous creatures that would kill them outright. during the day, the 'runners' explore the maze in an attempt to find a way out. but if they dont make it back before the walls close... well, let's just say that no one survives a night in a maze.the boys are sent to this place with amnesia, though they gain their memory within a day or two. they know that "someone" is doing all this to them, since a new "glader" is sent to the maze every month with fresh supplies.

 the characters Thomas interacts and forms relationship with are unique,,,rather than placeholders for the most part. you will likely find them endearing, especially if u enjoy the "Lost Boy" aesthetic. speaking of, i found it particularly refreshing to watch a YA adaptation that is more about adventure and science fiction than a coming-of-age romance story. it probably helps that the main set of characters are boys, and it's fun to watch a group of helpless teens try to create their own society.

 put simply, this is a story about survival. not politics. not forbidden romance. just getting through the day. as the film progresses, thomas's curiosity creates new problems for the residents of the maze. this culminates when a girl ascend in the elevator soon after thomas (too soon) with the note that she is the 'last one ever'. this of course leads to all-out chaos sparks a believable and gripping third act..
watch the maze 2. i guess the movie became more nice especially when teresa defected to the boys.. especially thomas.

thats all from me. <3


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