acrylic painting vintage woman

today i started painting my kanvas!

this not good enough painting since my sketch is not at the center and with wrong alignment (uhh idk my boyfriend said that). i got a lot of compliments in my instagram and i cant wait to hear from my special one, my boyfriend (he do an art things too) but turned out he was like... idk if he still sulking but he said like this! "Need to fix the anatomy, Face, Alligment,The centre" but i did my best already and i wished he'll proud more or less... "i want a compliment not a comment!" and he replied
[25/07, 23:14] light: U will keep doing mistake over and over
[25/07, 23:15] arysa: pastu nk suruh arysa blajar anatomi?
[25/07, 23:15] light: No
[25/07, 23:15] light: Stop doing masterpiece
[25/07, 23:15] light: And concentrate on practice
[25/07, 23:16] arysa: org lain smua puji je
[25/07, 23:16] light: BCUZ THEY DON'T DRAW
[25/07, 23:17] light: Keep practice and start asking for art critiques

uhh welll im lazy to fix the conversation and i just copy directly from whatsapp. (yeah i save his name as light!. do u know the Death Note? yagami lighto!) i think he is right . my mouth is like... out of the line of the face uhh idk. this is not good enough. btw, im using an acrylic. and my reference was from google.

huge different. but its okay. still in a learning processes.

btw, i hope i can make side income with this gifted so that i can buy high heels, makeups! many tops and bottoms and much more thing!!!!@@@@*#*$


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