flash back

this flash back i took from my other blog's draft. i deleted that blog already. when i read this post, it remind me of my feeling toward ariff for the very first time. hihi

"yes ! it was! that was really unexpected thing ever. Ariff luqman first message me to ask about painting. then suddenly the more we chat, the more we get close and there some kind of feeling "in love" with him? idk.. i said that bcuz.. when i told him about my bad result and more or less gave up in life dont know what to be when grow up, he said.. "why have to be scared, i am here". then it gave me the feeling of confuse.

then, after many days go by.. in the 14th of april 2016.. he confess his love through Japanese word, aishite imasu. then... we agreed to not let things go fast. and try to stay like "this" and move on when we enter university or after we got our job.

but, i dont know how. i dont think so that we dont have any relationship on each other. i think like i am his already. but i dont mind. bcuz.. i do like him too. then, he want to be series with me. he told his dad he want to have a relationship. then, he said his father gave him a green light. that moment i am so happy.

the thing that i dont understand is.. why he like me? i mean.. he like me since i was 14. when i was 14, i got a msg from his friend through facebook. his friend told me he like me, but i just cannot believe it that time and told him i dont know, i want to study first and i dont want him wait for me. haha.
bcuz.. me and him. there were so much contrast. he smaller than me. shorter than me i guess. more cute than me bcuz i am mature!!! i was like his senpai that time.

thnkyou for liking me since i was 14 untill now. even though now i am not as clever as i was in high school.. i am not as cheerful as i was in high school.. but, at least i will tried my best to be a good girl not like i used to be. i hope i can be his first forever!"

so funny when i read it again xD xD xD


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