lembaran baru kepada diet

last night Ariff came to my house to take his wireless gaming controller. he ask for help to buy it online at the Lazada. so, last night i did not eat at all except drank some nescafe. usually, i eat at night. i waited for so long for myself to empty my stomach. and last night i did it because he came so i felt not hungry at all.

i am fat now! look those cheek!! oh my god. but now. i need to strictly control my eat and do some exercise a day. give me 2 weeks. before the camp. there will be aload outdoor activities so that i need to look good, thinner and not so sexy. i dont want my cloth will be fit on me. i want all my cloth being loose so i can move freely! i have good reason so i need to loose some weights. now my weight maybe about 60kgs?? hope i can at least loose 5kgs.

so this morning i start new journey with jogging for 30 minutes-squat 43-jumping jack 50×4-and other kind exercises i found on utube which concentrated on arm and inner tight.

after that, i cook slimming soup! while cooking, i drank green tea to speed up my metabolism
hihi. i hope i can be more consistent with my diet. thats all i want. i want to be fit and slim!

oh yah one more thing is i also bought arm and tummy shaper. hihi. 

also clean8 pill to clean my interstine.

hope i can do it and acheive my target 50kgs!


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