not feeling well

period. bnhun lewat rini. terjaga kul 12.30 tp smbung tdo smpai 1.40. nk dkat pukul 2. rase xnak mandi. nk minum air.bnyk minum. pastu prgi kt laman tngk arnab dlm cage. i cry... because i know how it feels to be cages in the house. arghhhh i am so lonely!!! tv je penaman hdup. kdang2 dy ad crita best. first thing i wake up, i feel excited the most is when i turn on the tv. tp kdng2 xde crita best. tutup tv. naik ats. x tau nk wt apa. pening kpla nak bljr bhs jepun. then around 5.30pm i felt asleep.... and wokeup at 8 i guess.... it was when my younger sister open the door. she called my name then she just left. idk wht she is tying to say. i continue my japanese language study. at 9.30 there will be a great movie at 10pm. yes every 10pm at the fox movie it is premium idk. the i went downstair and i saw KFC. then i realize why did tisya try to wake up me. i watchef movie. then ayh bought me roti canai. im so blessed. i ate roti canai and as im the last one who finished so the table i have to clean it up. as i went to the sink there were i load of plates. if i just left even i just washed the platr that i used. mum will bebel at ME, BECAUSE IM THE ONLY ONE WHO NOT GOING ANYWHERE AND I AM THE ONE WHO HAS TO LISTEN TO IT! but its okay. i dont mind to do it. i rather wash them instead of hear she bebel.

now im at my room. my head pain. im not turning on the fan. im feel so cold. rase mcm demam. uhh pening. harini nasib baik 31. 1... 2.... 3...4 hb i have a camp. like 3days left. my head mess up. pening nya! bye.

btw, im i not apreciate of what i have? i want a MOTHER. i wish i have a mother..


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