special guest

today 20 July 2017. Ariff will come to my house at 9pm for Hari Raya celebration... kind off... i have swept the floor. mopped it. cleaned the bathroom. fried some keropok moniy and peanuts and su'uh to eat with soto. so tonight there will be soto and chocolate cake, and for drink... sky juice, teh o beng and cocktail.

tapi kan, tak sangka ayah ngan mak okay je Ariff dtg siap ngan family lagi beraya kt rumah. sampai ayah ckp "nak masuk meminang ke?" nasib baik mak ckp "nak raya je..." hahahaha. at first tu takut jugak nk ckp.

thats all from now. i will upload my picture with him tonight.


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