i felt so lazy last night. but now iam working already. its better not to layan my malas. "jgn lyn sngt malas tu".

i thought to drink only water today but i eat a load this morning. teacher bought me 2 pieces of pulut from pasar Siti Khatijah. 

now i will put my sketch book inside my bag so that i will not forget. i want to learn potret. i need learn more about it. i cannot be lazy. 

about working. alhamdulillah everything went smoothly, SO FAR. now im resting eating my pulut i mentioned just now. its good. i hope to not do any mistake after this. whenever i did mistake it keep pop up in my head suddenly and it make me scream because i felt shame. then people nearby me will look at me and thought like i have too much pressure. 

so, i promise to myself to always update this blog day to day as my diary so that i it will be like i spitting out all my thougth or pressure. 

 my cheek is too big. myself dont eve like it. yes. becaus im fatt af
 this is the skect book
 this one is pulut. testing my photografic gift


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