shopping before an adventure camp!

yeay! shopping! before a camp, i have been looking for a lipstick that will cover my dark lip but only at the edge part.
yes that area which covered with dark lip liner is my dark lip part. so i found that NYX-SPL 858 NUDE PINK / ROSE DIAPHANE. and i love it. first i saw the color, i thought that the color is too light that my lip will look like greyish or pale. but its not!! it turned out so good. quite pigmented and really does covered my lip color! the price is reasonable too. as stundent i can afford it. rm 20. i will upload some more picture of me wearing it in any light condition.

next is iam trying new non-chemical shampoo. before this i use ordinary shampoo like sunsilk (my mum always buys that brand :( she doesnt know about the sls chemical thing) It sodium lauryl sulfate or paraben chemicals things that i had use for about 2 years (since i was in highschool) i found that i was constantly scratching my head because of an itchy scalp, which could be more than just dandruff. also, if i dont shampoo my hair once, it caused my hair a damp smell since i wear hijab.  and what so funny is i know this is becaus of chemicals thang so i change my shampoo  to a kids brand!!!! 😂🤣😆 which my lil sista use it untill now and i love her head smell. its like attracting me to kiss my lil girl bcus it smell so good! thats was when im doing my foundation. i used Carry Junior!!! lol. 

the shampoo a just bought is Boteneco Garden- Trio Oil. it is very good one. so far my head become so light! and the conditioner is purple Tsubki-Volume touch. for the conditioner i dont really mind for the sls thing since it cannot reach the scalp! but it smelllll so goood!!!!! it doesnt have the sls but i saw other benzyl chemy yes i does have. but it smell so good i cant stop inhaling my hair. im not sure which one have given this good smell actually. at first i thought the conditioner then i smell the shampooo then it must be the shampooo. idk. maybe mixture of both 😂😆
 thats all bye!


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